We’ve delivered excellent results for a diverse set of clients, but we are particularly proud of our success in generating online leads for B2B  & B2C companies. We employ several unique strategies to handle the challenges of generating high-quality leads in a cost-efficient manner.  After using targeting techniques to get you in front of the right audiences, we then clearly communicate the value your product or service provides. By breaking down complex, technical and industrial concepts into easily digestible content and offers, we’re able to help your customers understand and trust your brand.

Types of Leads!

We generate leads for …

Franchise Leads

We connect you to the people in the market with similar business interest and looking for Franchise Business Module as a new business opportunity. Franchise leads can be obtained by our JAB,  ECON & UPPERCUT Packages. You can select any package as per your business requirement. 

B2B/B2C Leads

We get you leads from the right consumer from the market. Ventures looking to sell product & services can obtain prospective business leads from genuine buyers. For Service/Product leads, recommended packages are CROSS, EMINENCE & EVIDENT. 

Working Capital Partner

We connect you to the right people with investment capacity. We check your business viability and prepare all required documents to present your idea and requirements. We have SAVERS & BACKERS two packages to suitable get working capital partner or investor. 

Dealers & Distributors

Just similar to Franchise Leads, we provide you dealer & distribution leads from the market. We target people from the similar business background and having prior experience of distribution or dealership. Our most common packages for these leads are HOOK, UPPERCUT & EMINENCE. 

What Else We Do!

Our Lead Generation program contains …

Business Proposals

We develop extremely smart & intelligent business proposal presentations. We explain your product, service, idea and requirements in most effective manner. Our business proposals ppt’s talks very specific and help in the closure of leads. 

Social Media Presence

We run several campaigns over web containing your brand logo, company name, website link, history and project highlights. Our lead generation campaign increases your web presence instantly. 

Landing Pages

We develop extremely attractive and mobile-friendly landing pages with enquiry forms. We redirect potential clients over the web to your website landing page. People read all necessary information & fill the enquiry form to connect with the company. 

PPC Compaigns

If it feels like your PPC campaign has turned into a dark gap that sucks in your marketing budget without generating sufficient ROI, it’s time to talk to us. We run PPC programs to get your maximum results and ROI. 

Social Media Business Pages

Currently, there are nearly 2 billion active accounts on Facebook. If your business doesn’t have a correctly optimized profile or it’s not setup on Facebook, you could be missing out on some serious ROI. We develop business pages for your brand on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube and Online Directories. 

Brand Building

We increase your brand reputation in the market you deal in. We do this by collecting reviews from your clients, testimonials, Online Press Releases and Videos. We increase your market credibility by highlighting your USP’s. 

We are generating leads for several industries

Hi, welcome to Digital Punch, we are a digital marketing company specializing in generating Online Business Leads (B2B/B2C) for your product, service and business portfolio. 

Online B2B/B2C Leads 

By Leads, we mean individuals who have proceeded with your profile and relatively comprehended your item or administration and now intriguing in advance correspondence. 
We run live campaigns over the web, they are paid campaigns to showcase your business module, offerings, USP's, site interface and so forth.

We've categorized leads into o2 parts:- 

  • Filtered Leads 
  • Non-Filtered leads 

To make it accessible for every business sizes, we have developed lead packages starting from 15K to 2.50 Lakh. Click to know more 

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