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Setting up an online shop on the internet is easy. But maximizing reach and product sales? That’s a challenge. In order to keep up with the ahead of competitors online, e-commerce businesses need to get creative with their marketing strategies. That’s where our role comes in.

At DigitalPunch, we live by the inbound methodology, which is designed to maximize leads and conversions through organic content. We specialize in crafting powerful e-commerce digital content that drives results. The expertise of our knowledgeable team spans a diverse set of crucial inbound tactics, including SEO, content creation, and email marketing.

And for more immediate results, our team also specializes in paid e-commerce digital marketing services, such as PPC campaigns. We’ll pair your paid search advertisements with conversion optimized landing pages and copy so that you can start bringing in new leads and customers right away. In addition to that,  test all of our creatives, copy and targeting to ensure that your paid campaigns are always improving.

E-Commerce PPC Campaign

Ecommerce PPC campaigns have the potential to be a fountain of success. But unless you’ve got a skilled PPC manager on your side, you may end up wasting more money than you earn. 

With the increasing popularity of online shopping, the internet marketplace is filled with potential—but it’s also home to some fierce competition. In order for your online business to reach the highest level of success, you need an e-commerce PPC agency that knows how to leverage and optimize the latest e-commerce PPC management strategies to take you to the top. Our impressive client retention rate is proof of our ability to manage high-functioning e-commerce PPC campaigns that allow our clients to experience growth that they have never seen before.

E-commerce Inbound Marketing

From our wealth of experience with e-commerce clients, we know that the inbound methodology works. That’s why we use inbound strategies to build you a customized marketing plan that’s unique to your business.

E-commerce inbound marketing outperforms other marketing practices because it relies on unobtrusive marketing tactics that match your consumers’ interests. Stop attacking consumers with outdated and ineffective marketing practices. Use inbound to get them to come to you instead.

E-commerce Facebook Ads

Aside from cat videos and political memes, Facebook is also an incredibly valuable tool for business. With the right targeting and optimization, the potential is unparalleled.

Through the use of both paid and organic campaigns, our team of social media experts will leverage the social platform to build brand affinity and conversions for your ecommerce company. Our services include content strategy, profile optimization, paid campaign management, retmarketing, A/B testing, ad design, bidding optimization, and more.

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