FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions) for lead generation packages, valid & invalid leads etc. If you still have more queries, drop a mail to our sales head kunwar@digitalpunch.in  

How you generate leads & how much time it takes to deliver?

We prepare content, web banners, highlight business USP’s  and run several online campaigns over the web. We use Google, Facebook, Linkedin as our tools to generate leads. As far as delivery of leads is concern, it depends on your chosen package. 

Will you deliver all leads in a day?

No, we deliver leads in a breakup, suppose you selected a package of 100 leads, we start to deliver leads in a bracket of  10 or 20 daily. Once we deliver leads we need feedback from you, so that we can analyse and proceed our campaigns in direct directions. 

What you mean by Valid & Invalid Leads?

Depending on the package we confirm a lead as a “Valid Leads or Invalid Lead. We follow criteria to define Valid & Invalid? 

  • Invalid lead: Wrong contact details  
  • Invalid lead:  Phone not picking or no response to mail/whats app/chat
  • Invalid Lead – Statement “I haven’t enquired”. 

On another hand, we consider a Valid lead if:- 

  • Valid Lead – Given Lead contact details are correct. 
  • Valid Lead – Person is responding properly and has an interest in your product/service/business. 
  • Valid Lead – Person confirms that “I have enquired” 
What if provided leads are Invalid?

Suppose you bought a package of 100 Non-Filtered leads, that means we need to give you at least 60 Valid Leads. In any case, if provided leads are “Invalid” as per the criteria,  we’ll provide you more leads until it fulfils the commitment of 60%.  

In case of a Filtered Lead package, we provide 100% Valid leads. It means all provided leads will fulfil the ccriteria of a Valid lead. 

In which form you provide leads?

We provide you leads in CSV/Excel/Word format. 

How you will charge?

We charge 100% advance. 

Choose your package

You can choose lead generation package as per your business size & requirements. 

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