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Online Business Leads 


With a constant growth of online users and an increasing trend of online buying help us to generate B2b/B2C leads for our clients. It’s easy to waste hours on social media sites. Make sure the time you spent online; gives you a return on investment and generate leads. 


“By Leads, we mean individuals who have gone through with your profile and relatively intersted in your product, service or venture and now looking forward to approach. We run several live campaigns over the web, compaigns targeting specific demographics, behaviors, interests and a class. A class that matches with your product, service or venture. 

Web Presence 

Our lead generation program not only delivers potential leads but increase your web presence too. We need to deliver 100 potential leads and for that, we need to run campaigns targetting a mass of people from a specific background. Thus, our lead generation program increases your web presence instantly. 


Each of our campaign includes your company name, logo and website link. We set up a few diverse web banners along with content mentioning your brand, product and company’s highlights. By the time we collect 100 leads for you, our campaigns will reach to millions of users over the web. Thus, our lead generation program help in branding also. 

Industries we cater:- 

  • Agriculture Industry 
  • Education Industry
  • Entertainment Industry 
  • Events & Marketing 
  • IT & Telecom 
  • Real Estate Development & Products 
  • Finance Industry 
  • Manufacturing Industry 
  • Start-ups 
  • Fashion & Apparels 
  • Energy 
  • Health Industry 
  • Food & Beverages 

 Lead’s Categories:


Leads are categorized into 02 (two) categories :


  • Filtered Leads – High profile or Niche targetted leads. 
  • Non-Filtered Leads – A mass but specified targetted leads. 

Definition of Non-Filtered Leads 

Non-Filtered Leads are the collection of perspective leads by running a paid campaign on Google/Facebook/Instagram/Linkedin targetting a broadening audience. Mostly, non-filtered leads are been captured in an automatically data-filled form. They are Valid leads in terms of reach, contact, confirm enquiry, Demographics & Interest. But though many people forget to update their current contact numbers over emails & social media accounts, they fill the enquiry form without updating details. This process results in capturing Invalid leads. Even though they called “non-filtered leads, but they carry above 60% of valid leads in any case. Sometimes, it goes up to 95% also.  

What are Filtered Leads? 

Filtered Leads are the collection of prospective leads by running a paid campaign on Google/Facebook/Instagram/ Linkedin targetting a narrow audience. We capture filtered leads through a manual filling database process. Under the filtered lead process, interested B2B/B2C parties need to fill all the details manually. Hence, we capture 100% valid leads under this program. They are always costlier than non-filtered leads. 

Filtered & Non-Filtered leads are 02 processes with the similar in terms of target audience, demographics, behaviours and interests. Both need the same kind of intelligence, research and our creativity. 

In terms of closure of leads, its all depends on your sales team in both the cases. We have delivered 100% Succession in our non-filtered packages as well as in filtered packages. 

For more understanding about our Lead Generation Program, Check FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 


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