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Working Capital Partner /Investor 

It’s all started with a phone call from Ahmedabad based Investor in 2015. He has seen one of our lead generation campaign for Franchise. He asked us to advise some good business opportunities, wherein he was ready to spend 2-3 Crores as Non-Active Partner.  It was not our profile, hence we said directly “NO” to him. 

Slowly and gradually similar people from different part of the country started calling us for business opportunities with us. We soon realized that we can help these people in terms of investment by sharing business opportunities with our clients. 

In a country like India, it seems difficult to get the working capital from banks. Govt. & Private Banks require income proofs, mortgages and several other documents to fulfil the loan criteria. Though it is not a good practice as people never get funds on time and that results in failure. 

We’ve seen companies, individuals with good ideas and profitable business module hunting to get the funds on time, but they never get it through any bank or private financial companies. 

How we help 

Your business viability is the first & foremost thing to grab a good working capital partner or an investor. If your business is viable in terms of ROI & Profitability, then we can help you get good financial partners. 

Our Process 

Our process starts with a video call, wherein our experts will understand your entire business module. Once we are convinced with your business module and its viability, we come back to you with next level of procedures. 

1) Level One – We sign a legal document with you that covers each & every term. We charge our fees excluding succession fee in advance to start any activity. 

2) Level Two – We prepare landing pages, business proposals, product ppt’s and other require financial documents. 

3) Level Three – We run live campaigns targeting Investors with a capacity and interest in the similar business portfolio. We grab all the details of the interested party and our team will follow up with them for documentation. 

4) Level Four – We recheck investor’s portfolio that covers his background, financial capacity, market credibility and current businesses. Once we are satisfied with him, we send him a business proposal and all required documentation.    

5) Level Five – We present your business venture, idea, product and services to the interested party. Once the investor is fully convinced, we fix up a personal meeting with our client and investor.  

6) Level Six – At last stage, when both the parties are mutually agreed on the business terms, ROI, stake percentage etc. They need to sign MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), Legal documents and agreements. Client needs to pay our succession fees at the time of the agreement. 

Depending on your package and requirements we generate leads for several interested people from the Indian Market. 

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