Vision Digital India Offers Technology Education To Make Students Industry-ready

Vision Digital India Offers Technology Education To Make Students Industry-ready

Vision Digital India under the umbrella of Imperial Group has launched a course that aims to bring digital education to 1 lakh students in the upcoming 4-5 years. This course will equip the youth with digital and analytical skills, which are much sought-after by the corporate sector.

Many bright young minds today do not get to live their dreams of making it big in the corporate world, simply because there exists an immense divide between the education that has been imparted to them and industry requirements. The core problem is that the industry is upgrading itself at such a breakneck speed that most educational institutions cannot keep up. That is why the courses they offer are becoming dated and obsolete, and students armed with such degrees find themselves to be inadequately trained to make the cut in a highly-competitive industry.

“This is what Vision Digital India had in mind when it created a course that is precisely tailored to meet the demands of the corporate world, and ensure that students are industry-ready. Through its endeavour, Vision Digital India is trying to make PM Narendra Modi’s flagship campaign Digital India a resounding success and it is succinctly summed up in their motto ‘Enable Digital’,” said Dr Hari Krishna Maram, Chairman, Vision Digital India, on asking about this endeavour.

To turn aspirations into reality, Vision Digital India has incorporated niche technology into its course-structure to make it industry-relevant. Employers don’t just look into a candidate’s scorecard but what truly works in a student’s favour is how quickly he/she can be inducted into the workforce. And, this calls students for acquiring a better understanding of new and advanced technological concepts like data science, cloud and analytics, forming the backbone of an industry.

What sets the course apart is the fact that Vision Digital India is bringing to the table top-notch education at extremely affordable prices. What adds to its USP is that it has joined hands with the likes of Google, IBM, and Amazon, to rope in their technical know-how. For example, the analytics certificate comes from IBM and Google certifies the Digital Marketing course.

Moreover, Vision Digital India has secured the help of industry professionals who know the real world, how it works, latest updates and requirements, and what employers expect from employees. Who is better to instruct and train students than those men and women who have been working in the corporate world? 

But, how does it go about it? Vision Digital India approaches colleges to implement its course. As per university regulations, the duration of the course is set at 80 hours. The bulk of it, around 60% is dedicated to hands-on training and the remaining 40% is all about theories.

“To cap it all, this course teaches students a novel way to compose their resume. They are encouraged to craft their dream CV and then they are inspired to strive to achieve it. Moreover, they are given useful insights into the nuances of the corporate interview procedure and tips to ace such interviews. Once the course is successfully concluded, students are awarded a certificate during a convocation ceremony along with a LinkedIn badge”, adds Dr Hari Krishna Maram.

The founder Chairman Dr Hari Krishna Maram has also received the Most Prestigious International Icon Award 2019 at Indo-Thai Economic Forum Gala Event, Bangkok through Vision Digital India, providing Digital skills and creating employment opportunities to the youth.

It is a win-win scenario for all the players, including students, Vision Digital India and participating colleges. Students interact with trainers one-on-one and get ample opportunities to clear their doubts. Colleges benefit because this course expands campus placement and attendance too shoots up. And, it is cost-effective for Vision Digital India because they utilize the computer laboratories of the host college.

With the focus of Vision Digital India being on niche technology, job orientation, and campus placement, the course enhances desirability and employability, and that is why students stand to benefit from it.

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Meet AS Designs – India’s ‘youngest’ digital solutions provider

Meet AS Designs – India’s ‘youngest’ digital solutions provider

Kerala, August 27, 2019

The sight of two teenagers guiding a closed-door CXO meeting on the marketing strategy for the company’s new product launch is something that can leave us all in awe of the talent that the founders of AS Designs possess. Hashif T P and Lazim Masoud, co-founders of AS Designs were born and bred in Kerala and can easily pass off as the teen supporting leads in the next version of Deadpool, but when you spend 30 minutes with them over the table on a discussion on ‘digital marketing tactics’, you (and yes you), will emerge a changed man.

Both Lazim and Hashif knew digital marketing was their calling the moment they started their self-learning journey that involved spending late hours trying to accumulate knowledge through online platforms. Armed with hunger to learn, dreams to succeed and discipline to follow through, these two young entrepreneurs slowly but surely expanded their skill set by learning web designing, graphic designing and coding. With humble beginnings as freelancers backed by Computer Science degrees, they followed their passion without compromising on the principle of “learning from mistakes.”

Fast forward 3 years, and this principle has come in good stead when we look at the firm they have built from scratch. AS Designs started out with only these two entrepreneurs who have grown the team to a total of 50+ young enthusiasts shaping the core marketing decisions of global brands. AS Designs plays a crucial role in a brand’s journey through various services such as Branding, Software Development, Mobile App Development, Web Development, Web Designing and SEO. While these services are provided by multiple players, what’s unique about AS Designs is the fact that the founders bring in a ‘fresh and larger-than-life’ perspective to their ideas thanks to their youthful approach which allows them to think out-of-the-box.

What is really promising to learn is that they treat every client as a ‘partner’ and not as a ‘revenue-generating channel’, which reflects in the end result. Further, they seem to be gifted with foresight and understand the responsibility as leading voices of the digital marketing industry, given that they recently launched “Appsys” – an academy for young, budding talent (irrespective of age), to learn app development, web and graphic designing as well as digital marketing. Lazim and Hashif’s joint ambition is to create opportunities for young talent that often find it difficult to afford courses and end up wasting their potential. Nothing pleases them more than seeing young India create and introduce hard-hitting concepts and strategies that can be adopted across the world. The future looks promising both for AS Designs as well as their academy, as they set sights on ‘300 happy customers and 3000 successful students’ as their target for 2020.

When asked about their mantra for success, Hashif and Lazim replied in tandem, “Stay grounded, don’t forget your roots and always dare to dream big!” This level of maturity from two 20-something year-olds has surely given us a lot to think about while they churns about your next award-winning website.

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Munir Awan To Enter Bollywood This Year Co-Partnering With Star Producer Gaurang Doshi

Munir Awan To Enter Bollywood This Year Co-Partnering With Star Producer Gaurang Doshi

Munir’s firm ‘Mag’ launched in 2014-15 stands today as one of the most sought-after companies for Bollywood events in Dubai and several other countries.

Mumbai, India, August 20, 2019–

Bollywood enthusiast and the founder of ‘Mag’, one of Bollywood’s most aspiring events company; Munir Awan is gearing to set foot into the industry with some exciting collaborations and new projects lined up in a partnership with ‘Aankhen’ filmmaker Gaurang Doshi.

With an eventful career of more than 30 years with experience in various fields starting from fine arts to bureaucracy to media and financing, Munir Awan has proved himself as one of the most versatile men of the industry with passion and acumen for both business and Bollywood films. His firm ‘Mag’ launched in 2014-15 stands today as one of the most sought-after companies for Bollywood events in Dubai and several other countries. Adding to his realms of success, Munir Awan has recently announced his entry into Bollywood with a co-partnership with Blockbuster filmmaker ‘Gaurang Doshi’ promising some major announcements by the end of this month.  

Both Gaurang Doshi and Munir Awan hold great respect for each other for their work in the industry and are looking forward to this partnership as a way to bring together the expertise and passion of both in order to create inspiring cinema. Filled with praises for the ‘Aankhen’ filmmaker, Munir Awan shares that he holds great faith in Gaurang Doshi’s creative style and his expertise of film productions and executions. At the same time, Gaurang Doshi believes that joining hands with a veteran like Munir Awan will help him sharpen the business of his films and also bring along the skills of the versatility of Munir Awan.

Munir Awan started his career as a technician at the Governor’s House of His Excellency Shaikh Sultan, before overcoming hurdles in life through his hard work and determination, dipping his hands into multiple ventures including airlines and exports. Anchoring ‘Mag’ today, Munir Awan has worked with several superstars and moviemakers organising and financing several Bollywood events.

Munir Awan’s step into Bollywood with Gaurang Doshi indeed promises some exciting entertainment that we cannot wait to witness!

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Gaurang Doshi Goes For A 360-degree Fresh Start With Yoga And Fitness For His Return With Three Big Projects

Gaurang Doshi Goes For A 360-degree Fresh Start With Yoga And Fitness For His Return With Three Big Projects

After a break from the industry, Gaurang Doshi has finally announced his comeback with three promising projects, and much more in the pipeline.

Mumbai, India, August 20, 2019 –

Veteran filmmaker and the man behind the blockbuster hit ‘Aankhen’ recently announced his big comeback into the industry with not just a fresh look for his production house but also a fresh look for himself with a hard-core fitness regime of Yoga and exercises. 

Being one of the most admired producers of Bollywood, Gaurang Doshi has always been known for his unique style of film-making and for creating a niche in Bollywood that no filmmaker ever dared to step in. His way of execution and his supreme style of doing things with the best techniques have always been inspiring every filmmaker in the industry across generations. Although very young in the industry with his production house, Gaurang Doshi not only managed to pull off one but many blockbuster hits namely Aankhen, Deewaar: Let’s Bring Our Heroes Home and Bawander (Sandstorm) and winning several accolades for his work both nationally and internationally.

After a break from the industry, Gaurang Doshi has finally announced his comeback with three promising projects, and much more in the pipeline. His fresh start is marked with a complete makeover of his production house ‘Gaurang Doshi Productions’ and he is all set to take his philosophy of a fresh start ahead.

While the filmmaker has announced his comeback, he also has gotten himself in a regime filled with Yoga and workout in order to curate his new look and write his new and fresh beginning into the industry. He has now resorted to a routine of strict workout and physical fitness regime that are helping him make his comeback even stronger and versatile.

With such undying spirit, Gaurang Doshi indeed is a man with great passion and hard work and we are sure it will only be a matter of time that his projects are going to take the industry by storm and bring back the brilliance of his talents to the fore for all of us to cherish.

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Access To Seed Funding Set To Get Easier For Indian Start-ups

Access To Seed Funding Set To Get Easier For Indian Start-ups

Digpu News Network Ties Up With Hindustan Times Media To Highlight Indian Start-ups To Global Audiences

New Delhi, India, August 14, 2019 —

With eight unicorns and 7000+ start-ups, India’s start-up sector has announced itself to the world. The year 2018 saw a 108% growth in funding in Indian start-ups as per an industry report published by NASSCOM. 2019 continues to prove to be a promising year for start-ups in India with newer ideas, younger entrepreneurs, and a pro-business environment created through various Government schemes and incentives.

While the sector holds promise and potential for both the economy and consumers, various challenges continue to stall progress, especially at the inception stage. Start-ups in ‘futuristic’ sectors such Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality are akin to immediate attention and investment which may not be the case for a start-up with an unconventional idea for a banking solution, given that banking is viewed as a conventional sector. Entrepreneurs focus on a mix of innovative ideas, agile techniques, and raw talent to find their feet in a highly crowded, often fragmented and seriously competitive scenario which means that any form of support that highlights the uniqueness of each idea is welcome.  

There would be no points for guessing that the much-needed catalyst for Indian start-ups is to get more access to global support, whether through funding, mentoring, or networking at the right forums. To plug this gap, Digpu News Network has joined hands with HT Digital Streams Ltd. with the sole aim of highlighting innovative ideas and efforts by Indian start-ups that can help them grow through a series of stories on promising Indian start-ups.

Access To Seed Funding Set To Get Easier For Indian Start-ups

Speaking on the exclusive partnership, Kunwar Devender Singh, Director, Digpu News Network said, “Mainstream media’s efforts to highlight the story of start-ups is nothing short of exemplary. Time and again, we come across remarkable and hair-raising experiences of young, budding entrepreneurs who brought their radical ideas to life through hard work and passion. These stories only prove the abundance of talent in our country, and we at Digpu, are proud to associate with HT Digital Streams Ltd. to highlight this talent on a global scale.”

“Start-ups are the silver lining of any economy, and more often than not, we’ve seen how their ideas can disrupt an entire sector. Be it their achievements or need for mentoring, we aim to give shape to their dreams through a platform such as Digpu, where change-makers across the globe take heed of their stories,” added Prabhakar Singh, Chief Revenue Officer and Dilpreet Kaur Banerjee, Deputy General Manager, Digital Sales, HT Digital Streams Ltd.

Start-up founders and investors from different cultures and backgrounds across the globe feel an instant connect given their shared sense of understanding and experience of starting up. At most start-up networking events, we often overhear the need for a platform or forum where every start-up, irrespective of size or stature or geography, gets to represent its ideas to a diverse audience. Taking inspiration from the famous saying by Victor Hugo that “nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come,” we see a similar thought behind the Digpu-HT Digital Streams Ltd. partnership, which acknowledges that the time has come for Indian start-ups to take centre stage globally.

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