Munir Awan To Enter Bollywood This Year Co-Partnering With Star Producer Gaurang Doshi

Munir Awan To Enter Bollywood This Year Co-Partnering With Star Producer Gaurang Doshi

Munir’s firm ‘Mag’ launched in 2014-15 stands today as one of the most sought-after companies for Bollywood events in Dubai and several other countries.

Mumbai, India, August 20, 2019–

Bollywood enthusiast and the founder of ‘Mag’, one of Bollywood’s most aspiring events company; Munir Awan is gearing to set foot into the industry with some exciting collaborations and new projects lined up in a partnership with ‘Aankhen’ filmmaker Gaurang Doshi.

With an eventful career of more than 30 years with experience in various fields starting from fine arts to bureaucracy to media and financing, Munir Awan has proved himself as one of the most versatile men of the industry with passion and acumen for both business and Bollywood films. His firm ‘Mag’ launched in 2014-15 stands today as one of the most sought-after companies for Bollywood events in Dubai and several other countries. Adding to his realms of success, Munir Awan has recently announced his entry into Bollywood with a co-partnership with Blockbuster filmmaker ‘Gaurang Doshi’ promising some major announcements by the end of this month.  

Both Gaurang Doshi and Munir Awan hold great respect for each other for their work in the industry and are looking forward to this partnership as a way to bring together the expertise and passion of both in order to create inspiring cinema. Filled with praises for the ‘Aankhen’ filmmaker, Munir Awan shares that he holds great faith in Gaurang Doshi’s creative style and his expertise of film productions and executions. At the same time, Gaurang Doshi believes that joining hands with a veteran like Munir Awan will help him sharpen the business of his films and also bring along the skills of the versatility of Munir Awan.

Munir Awan started his career as a technician at the Governor’s House of His Excellency Shaikh Sultan, before overcoming hurdles in life through his hard work and determination, dipping his hands into multiple ventures including airlines and exports. Anchoring ‘Mag’ today, Munir Awan has worked with several superstars and moviemakers organising and financing several Bollywood events.

Munir Awan’s step into Bollywood with Gaurang Doshi indeed promises some exciting entertainment that we cannot wait to witness!

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Gaurang Doshi Goes For A 360-degree Fresh Start With Yoga And Fitness For His Return With Three Big Projects

Gaurang Doshi Goes For A 360-degree Fresh Start With Yoga And Fitness For His Return With Three Big Projects

After a break from the industry, Gaurang Doshi has finally announced his comeback with three promising projects, and much more in the pipeline.

Mumbai, India, August 20, 2019 –

Veteran filmmaker and the man behind the blockbuster hit ‘Aankhen’ recently announced his big comeback into the industry with not just a fresh look for his production house but also a fresh look for himself with a hard-core fitness regime of Yoga and exercises. 

Being one of the most admired producers of Bollywood, Gaurang Doshi has always been known for his unique style of film-making and for creating a niche in Bollywood that no filmmaker ever dared to step in. His way of execution and his supreme style of doing things with the best techniques have always been inspiring every filmmaker in the industry across generations. Although very young in the industry with his production house, Gaurang Doshi not only managed to pull off one but many blockbuster hits namely Aankhen, Deewaar: Let’s Bring Our Heroes Home and Bawander (Sandstorm) and winning several accolades for his work both nationally and internationally.

After a break from the industry, Gaurang Doshi has finally announced his comeback with three promising projects, and much more in the pipeline. His fresh start is marked with a complete makeover of his production house ‘Gaurang Doshi Productions’ and he is all set to take his philosophy of a fresh start ahead.

While the filmmaker has announced his comeback, he also has gotten himself in a regime filled with Yoga and workout in order to curate his new look and write his new and fresh beginning into the industry. He has now resorted to a routine of strict workout and physical fitness regime that are helping him make his comeback even stronger and versatile.

With such undying spirit, Gaurang Doshi indeed is a man with great passion and hard work and we are sure it will only be a matter of time that his projects are going to take the industry by storm and bring back the brilliance of his talents to the fore for all of us to cherish.

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Access To Seed Funding Set To Get Easier For Indian Start-ups

Access To Seed Funding Set To Get Easier For Indian Start-ups

Digpu News Network Ties Up With Hindustan Times Media To Highlight Indian Start-ups To Global Audiences

New Delhi, India, August 14, 2019 —

With eight unicorns and 7000+ start-ups, India’s start-up sector has announced itself to the world. The year 2018 saw a 108% growth in funding in Indian start-ups as per an industry report published by NASSCOM. 2019 continues to prove to be a promising year for start-ups in India with newer ideas, younger entrepreneurs, and a pro-business environment created through various Government schemes and incentives.

While the sector holds promise and potential for both the economy and consumers, various challenges continue to stall progress, especially at the inception stage. Start-ups in ‘futuristic’ sectors such Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality are akin to immediate attention and investment which may not be the case for a start-up with an unconventional idea for a banking solution, given that banking is viewed as a conventional sector. Entrepreneurs focus on a mix of innovative ideas, agile techniques, and raw talent to find their feet in a highly crowded, often fragmented and seriously competitive scenario which means that any form of support that highlights the uniqueness of each idea is welcome.  

There would be no points for guessing that the much-needed catalyst for Indian start-ups is to get more access to global support, whether through funding, mentoring, or networking at the right forums. To plug this gap, Digpu News Network has joined hands with HT Digital Streams Ltd. with the sole aim of highlighting innovative ideas and efforts by Indian start-ups that can help them grow through a series of stories on promising Indian start-ups.

Access To Seed Funding Set To Get Easier For Indian Start-ups

Speaking on the exclusive partnership, Kunwar Devender Singh, Director, Digpu News Network said, “Mainstream media’s efforts to highlight the story of start-ups is nothing short of exemplary. Time and again, we come across remarkable and hair-raising experiences of young, budding entrepreneurs who brought their radical ideas to life through hard work and passion. These stories only prove the abundance of talent in our country, and we at Digpu, are proud to associate with HT Digital Streams Ltd. to highlight this talent on a global scale.”

“Start-ups are the silver lining of any economy, and more often than not, we’ve seen how their ideas can disrupt an entire sector. Be it their achievements or need for mentoring, we aim to give shape to their dreams through a platform such as Digpu, where change-makers across the globe take heed of their stories,” added Prabhakar Singh, Chief Revenue Officer and Dilpreet Kaur Banerjee, Deputy General Manager, Digital Sales, HT Digital Streams Ltd.

Start-up founders and investors from different cultures and backgrounds across the globe feel an instant connect given their shared sense of understanding and experience of starting up. At most start-up networking events, we often overhear the need for a platform or forum where every start-up, irrespective of size or stature or geography, gets to represent its ideas to a diverse audience. Taking inspiration from the famous saying by Victor Hugo that “nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come,” we see a similar thought behind the Digpu-HT Digital Streams Ltd. partnership, which acknowledges that the time has come for Indian start-ups to take centre stage globally.

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CA Test Series Launches IRevision – An AI-Based Algorithm For Revising Entire Syllabus

CA Test Series Launches IRevision – An AI-Based Algorithm For Revising Entire Syllabus

Delhi, India, August 13, 2019 —

CA Test Series, incepted in 2015 with digital test series for subjective papers, has launched an AI-powered revision algorithm – IRevision. IRevision has revolutionized Edutech with its hybrid approach to combining advanced technology with human efforts. CA Test Series has helped more than 80,000 CA students over the years.

In recent times, various sportspersons and international players like athletes have improved their game by working on technology for practice and performance optimization. It is due to the Machine Learning based software that interprets even the minutest details of the whole process.

CA Test Series has introduced the same concept in Education. For the first time in CA preparation, aspirants can make use of various AI and Machine Learning based algorithms for revision. These algorithms in IRevision will record the student’s performance based on individual chapters and subjects for which he/she takes for revision test.

IRevision identifies the subject/chapter wise performance of the student in relation to the highest- scorer of respective subject/chapter in the current year and the past years. It also provides feedback to the student which comprises the following:

  1. The chapters which need more emphasis than others
  2. The difficulty level of each chapter revision text in relation to the past years’ final exams of C.A.
  3. The average score of the student for the specific chapter and the weightage of that chapter in the final exam
  4. The revision time required to improve the performance at par to the highest-scorer in the CA test series
  5. A comparative analysis of the previous and latest revision tests – showing the level of improvements, if any, since last revision.
  6. The relative performance of the student in relation to the highest-scorer
  7. The relative performance of the student in relation to the previous year’s highest-scorer:
  • The subjects that the highest scorers have emphasized on
  • The memory system tells the student when to revise a particular topic again.

All these factors are automatically calculated by Machine Learning Software. These help the student to prepare a precise and clear strategy for preparation of the exam.

“This AI algorithm took several months to be designed and developed. The system is based on a unique concept which suggests the student when to revise, which topic to revise, how much practice is required, and when to revise the same again based on your memory. It is just like an expert trainer providing dedicated guidance to a student for 12 hours according to their learning pace and memory retention”, said Mr Mayur Singla, Spokesperson, CA Test Series on being asked about IRevision.

IRevision ( consists of a vast set of Machine Learning algorithms working in tandem to process the data. The experienced programmers have been working tirelessly for improving the system. It is aided by the knowledge collected from various universities, study patterns and the process undertaken by these universities for preparation for the exam. We have worked hard on identifying scientific ways for enhancing memory power.

As per Mr Singla, “The mantra to success is to understand your ability and use them strategically, For an exam which is already dreaded everywhere, IRevision helps the aspirants to understand their learning pace and problem areas respectively. It guides them on the specific chapter and subject to be revised until clarity is achieved on the subject matter.”

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MEIL Commences The Iconic Laxmipur Underground Pumping Station

MEIL Commences The Iconic Laxmipur Underground Pumping Station

Hyderabad, India, August 12, 2019:


  • The pumphouse has the highest pumping and motor capacity in the globe
  • Aided by 7 motors with 139 MW  capacity each and 1unit weight with all auxiliaries 2376 MT
  • It can lift 2 TMC water per day is the highest, which is the highest in the world
  • Biggest Underground Cavern And Asia’s Longest Tunnel In A Scheme Over 203km
  • The first underground 160MVA pump transformer in the world with an exclusive 400/13.8/11 KV sub-station
  • Consists of the world’s largest surge pools to ensure uninterrupted pumping

Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Limited (MEIL) has made yet another glorious achievement in the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project (KLIP). MEIL successfully commenced operations in the world’s largest Laxmipur Underground Pumping Station (LUPS – the Package 8). The pump house has been named after the goddess Gayatri, successfully completed the wet run executed by switching on the 5th machine in LUPS on the night of 11th August. With this, around 3000 cusecs of water rose to over 111 meters and flew into Mid-Manair through the gravity canal. Telangana CM Mr K. Chandrashekar Rao is expected to inaugurate the Pumping Station on 14th August.

MEIL has successfully changed the direction of Godavari River from downstream to the upstream stretch of the water contrary to the natural flow of water. The Pranahitha – Godavari river water will flow back to reach the LUPS from Medigadda via Annaram and Sundilla. A landmark in the global lift irrigation sector, the Laxmipur Underground Pumping Station Gayatri of Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project has been completed in just 3 years. The KLIP has yet another engineering marvel in its name, the world’s largest underground pumping station, constructed 470 feet below the Earth’s surface. The LUPS would enable storage in several reservoirs through the year in the river belt.

MEIL Commences The Iconic Laxmipur Underground Pumping Station - Digpu

KLIP is the world’s most innovative mega project in the industry. There is an underground pumphouse, 470 ft below the ground with twin tunnels and the largest surge pools in the world. This is an ultra-mega project in the world, having 7 motors, each having a capacity of 139 MW. These motors can lift 3 TMC of water per day. This accomplishment is ‘Make In India’ as the Motors are Indian-made and are based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology. All the electrical infrastructure has been constructed with 3057 MWs capacity, comprising of six 400KV and 220KV substations, transformers and 260 km of transmission lines, 7 KMs of 400 Kv XLPE under Ground Cable. Other key features include the twin tunnels of length 4133 mt and diameter 10 mt, world’s biggest surge pools and the extraordinary size of the Pump House.” said Mr B Srinivas Reddy, Director, MEIL, speaking about the array of achievements.

Lift Irrigation projects are usually constructed at ground level. However, This LUPS has been built underground with a pumping capacity of 2 TMCs of water per day. 21.6 Lakh CuM of soil has been excavated from 470 ft below Earth’s surface for lifting an enormous amount of underground water by pumps and motors. A 160 KVA capacity pump transformer has been set up to run the motors with 139MW of power.

The project consists of four surge pools for storage ensuring uninterrupted water pumping. Further, the turbine pumps have been erected at a depth of 138 mt under the ground. Each motor pump weighs around 2,376 metric tonnes, which gives them the name ‘Mega Motors’.

MEIL Commences The Iconic Laxmipur Underground Pumping Station - Digpu
The team behind the iconic project

Megha Engineering Infrastructure Limited (MEIL) with 30 years of its rich technical expertise in such complex and high-end electro-mechanical works has been executing this project as a mission with an objective to deliver water to the farmlands in time and quench the thirst of Telangana. 

We feel honoured to be part of Telangana’s dream project and the world’s biggest lift irrigation project, the KLIP. It has been a privilege and a lifetime opportunity to execute with world-class technology by coordinating with the world’s best engineering suppliers and realizing the dreams of Telangana. CM Mr K Chandrashekar Rao’s supervision and determination pushed our team to complete the project in time”, said Mr Reddy, on being asked about the record-setting pumping station.

To know about the World’s biggest pumphouse in detail, visit The Fact Sheet Of KLIP

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HostingRaja VPS Server, Features, and Benefits

HostingRaja VPS Server, Features, and Benefits

HostingRaja is one of the best VPS hosting providers in India. They provide one of the best performing VPS servers using advanced technologies, using the best virtualization platforms such as KVM, VMWare for Linux. HostingRaja has years of experience in providing expertized server solution for the clients; hence today, they have over 1,50,000+ satisfied customers. 

Standard shared web hosting servers are slow as resources are shares and don’t have the power or functionality that business and pro users need. Unlike shared hosting, Virtual Private Server, or VPS has dedicated resources (RAM and CPU) and is independent of all the other websites on the server.

With HostingRaja, you get fully Managed, performance-tuned VPS Servers in India. Some VPS hosts focus on a novice, others aim for veterans, but HostingRaja does its best to appeal to everyone with six different VPS hosting plans based on both Linux and Windows. Depending on your requirements, you can select any of the offered choices. Even if you’re a beginner, checking out the various plans on offer at HostingRaja will help you understand and select what you need.

HostingRaja focuses on delivering comprehensive products which will provide quality results. They provide top security, best performance with 30ms latency and Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantee with Free SSL certificates, managed firewall, SSD and using the best hardware that gives you guaranteed high performance all the time. HostingRaja is also offering customized solutions with high read/write IOPS, CPU intensive, SAP, DB driven apps, and much more.

HostingRaja does offer many plus points over other VPS hosting providers. You get Spamassassin included with every VPS, full root/ssh access, real-time malware injection scan, realtime PHP vulnerability check, inbuilt CSS/JS optimizer, free backup & restore, firewall & security support, hacking protection, inbuilt server security and free installation & setup of 100s of application like Nodejs, oracle, java, git, Jboss, MSSQL, MySQL, MongoDB etc. On top of that, you get Search Engine Optimization(SEO) friendly VPS servers with Indian IP that results in better ranking in Google search results, a much-needed boost for your business. Getting a managed VPS with such features with other providers could cost you an extra ₹1000-3000 a month, or more.

If you face any issues, there’s quick 24/7 support from knowledgeable professionals who will do their best to solve your problems at speed. HostingRaja is known for providing the best technical support 24/7 in the hosting industry with a regional language. Not only that they also an account manager for all customers, optimized control panel, free migration with zero downtime, free website optimization, and cache optimization that boosts static content delivery up to 8x.

So head to HostingRaja VPS Hosting now and get your virtual server for tremendous value for money that will help keep your site running smoothly down the line. 

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