Gyan Dairy goes digital with the Gyan Fresh App

Gyan Dairy goes digital with the Gyan Fresh App

Gyan Dairy gears up for the growth phase by going digital with its newly launched app though its biggest asset remains its dairy farmers supplying quality milk.

Twelve years ago, brothers Jai and Anuj Agarwal ventured into processing dairy. Today, the brand, Gyan Dairy, has become a household name, especially in Eastern UP. Gyan is part of the prestigious C.P. Group of Companies which under its portfolio has a wide range of companies. In 2007, CP Agarwal laid the foundation of Gyan Dairy in Lucknow. Initially, the company offered just 2 products-Skimmed Milk and Desi Ghee. Once the Agarwal brothers took over, the company achieved unscalable heights.

“When we started out, the organised dairy sector had huge potential which was waiting to be tapped. With changing consumer preferences and rising purchasing power we had anticipated rapid growth in the years to come. Consequentially, we decided to venture into processing of fresh milk and dairy products and the results have been fruitful so far”, says Jai Agarwal, Managing Director, Gyan Dairy.

Today, Gyan sources, processes, markets and sells a full line of dairy products, fermented, and value-added products such as Milk, Lassi, Curd, Butter, Ghee, etc. The venture has been very successful and has clocked a turnover of 903 Cr in the financial year 2019-2020. The company collects milk from around 1lac+ farmers residing in 3000+ villages in UP, thus, ensuring their growth and progress through direct employment. The sourced milk is then processed in state-of-the-art processing centres and supplied to various parts of UP through a network of Gyan Fresh Stores, Gyan Select Stores, Gyan E-cart, and other retail stores via an extensive distributor channel. Gyan is reaching 1.5 lac plus household through a network of 300+ distributors; 40000+ Retailers.

Gyan Fresh App: The jewel in the crown

To survive in the crowded consumer market, Gyan needs to constantly innovate. Anuj Agarwal is counting on technology to cater to evolving consumer needs. This gave birth to ‘The Gyan Fresh – Home Delivery App’ launched to ensure a contactless and hygienic way to get Milk & Dairy products home-delivered. This comes at a time when the deliveries at the last mile have been largely challenged by the COVID-19 restrictions.

Gyan Dairy goes digital with the Gyan Fresh App - Digpu News
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“In this novice attempt, we could touch a record number of customers. The pre-COVID deliveries were at 1200 and current mid-Sep were at 24000+ active consumers with 9000+ deliveries daily” Anuj adds.

Ethical Practices followed by Gyan milk suppliers

Gyan in partnership with farmers who supply raw milk, enables and equips them to understand the importance of quality milk production, hygiene & safety of animals so that they procure better quality raw milk to deliver premium quality end-product that meets the expectation of customers.

‘Gyan Choupal’ is one such platform where information is disseminated to the milk producers and knowledge is imparted about these issues apart from sharing clean milk collection policies and programs of the company. To ensure animal nutrition and health, Gyan Dairy supplies the best quality Cattle feed manufactured through its subsidiary cattle feed plant under ‘Gyan Dhara’ brand. 

Gyan’s blooming milk business

India is the leading producer and consumer of dairy products worldwide. Dairy activities form an integral part of the rural Indian economy, serving as an important source of employment and income. Indian dairy industry stands at Rs 10 lakh crore with significant growth potential.

“We have shown exponential growth from where it started with a non-viable production plant which now processes about 11 lakh litres of daily milk capacity. The company has captured around 19% percent of market share in Eastern UP,” says Venkataramani Santhanam, VP Sales.  With such results, it is sure to enter the league of big players in time to come.

Future Plans

The promoters under their able guidance, envision to turn this organisation into a multi-product multi-location dairy company benefitting the farmers through tech-friendly environment while giving value for money to its consumers. The newly launched Gyan Fresh – Home Delivery App, which started a year ago has garnered exceptional results. The company will continue to strengthen this new proposition and take it to the next level by increasing the offerings & convenience further.

One of the leading producers and suppliers of milk in UP, Gyan has contributed significantly to increasing the state per capita milk availability. This private, 800+ employee company aims to increase its processing capacity, expand to other regions, and adopt technology to ensure seamless deliveries to its consumers and partners.

For more information, please visit To download the GYAN FRESH now, visit for Android and for iOS.

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OkCredit unveils ‘Taiyaar Hain Hum’ Anthem, a tribute to small businesses in India

OkCredit unveils ‘Taiyaar Hain Hum’ Anthem, a tribute to small businesses in India

Pledges ‘Aapke Business ka Saccha Saathi’ for local merchants

OkCredit – ‘Digital India ka Digital Bahi Khata’, has unveiled their anthem ‘Taiyaar Hain Hum’ dedicated to local businesses of India, during the difficult times of pandemic. Taiyaar Hain Hum is also an endeavour to strongly support Vocal for Local by showcasing to the local merchants that OkCredit is their true companion; ‘Apke Business ka Saccha Saathi’.

The campaign depicts gratitude and appreciation to the small merchants for their selfless support extended during this challenging situation to deliver essentials to the doorstep of the consumers when life is almost at a standstill across India. The continuous service by these unsung heroes across the nation has kept many people safe inside their homes.

Further with Taiyaar Hain Hum, OkCredit extends its partnership with Delhi Capitals to appreciate all the Dream11 IPL Players from the team, who are playing to uplift the mood by bringing cricket back to fans across India. The idea is to keep the spirit of the players and sports enthusiasts high and contribute to the excitement and celebration of India’s one of a kind festival, IPL.

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Mr Harsh Pokharna, Co-founder & CEO, OkCredit, said, “Our anthem, Taiyaar Hain Hum is a tribute to salute the unbeatable spirit of small businesses who have been essential in these challenging times. I would like to strongly urge the citizens of India to come forward and support their local merchants and promote Vocal for Local.”

The anthem will be released digitally today, 19th September 2020, on OkCredit’s YouTube Channel and other digital platforms. Campaign created by Ant Theory Pvt. Ltd, the anthem is Directed by Jackson Garg and composed and sung by Gold Boy. The anthem is penned by lyricists Navi Kamboz and Sandeep Jain and the voiceover is provided by Annu Kapoor.

OkCredit is relentlessly working on its vision to empower small businesses by enabling them to go digital, grow their business, and adapt to the changing world which will be further strengthened with this initiative and help build a Digital India.

OkCredit unveils ‘Taiyaar Hain Hum’ Anthem, a tribute to small businesses in India - Digpu News

OkCredit – ‘Digital India ka Digital Bahi Khata’, PSI PHI Global Solutions Private Limited’s first launched product, makes the book-keeping task simpler, digitized and secure for small businesses. With a mission to help small businesses grow with simple software products, and digitally empowering them, OkCredit was launched & established in 2017 by three IIT Kanpur Alumni – Harsh Pokharna, Gaurav Kumar and Aditya Prasad.

OkCredit has given a complete digital makeover to the traditional register book – ‘Bahi/Udhar Khata’ and made the daily bookkeeping task simpler and effective for millions of small businesses. The app not just helps small businesses to keep track of credit transactions – both payments and receivables, it sends timely reminders, and also makes it very easy for them to collect and settle balance amounts quickly and accurately, on a click – with integrated reminder features via WhatsApp and SMS.

With a vision to accelerate the need for digital transformation for small businesses in India, OkCredit app is completely free to access and ensures 100% safety, data security and accuracy.

With only one user in 2017, this dream project of the three like-minded friends has changed lives for millions of users as of today. The app has already more than 20 Mn+ downloads and can be accessed in 10+ Indian languages.

Currently, it has more than 5Mn+ active monthly users which include business categories Kirana store owners, mobile recharge shops, medical stores, apparels amongst others across PAN India. The venture has raised $83 million from investors till date including from Lightspeed Venture Partners, Tiger Global and Y Combinator. For more information, visit   and their official Twitter handle.

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Michele Zanello Is Carving A Niche In Social Media Strategy

Michele Zanello Is Carving A Niche In Social Media Strategy

Michele Zanello has launched his digital agency Midnight Milano which specializes in high-quality branding, communication, and strategy.

With every passing year, social media is becoming more and more important for businesses everywhere. There isn’t a single industry out there that doesn’t use online social channels to gain more visibility and improve their business. Almost all of their marketing takes place on social networks nowadays, and you can’t do otherwise if you want to increase brand awareness.

However, not all entrepreneurs have the time or skills to manage their social media presence. Some professions that need plenty of social media publicity, like artists, for example, need someone who can coordinate their social media accounts, establish a long-term strategy, and build their online audience.

This is where a professional social media strategist steps in to take control of your social media vehicle. If you need a digital marketing strategist and a social media manager, you can get them both in one of the best emerging social media strategists in the business, Michele Zanello.

Michele Zanello Is Carving A Niche In Social Media Strategy - Digpu News

Why Do You Need a Social Media Strategist?

Whether you are a seasoned artist or an up-and-coming musician, you need a strong online presence. A social media strategist can help you develop a successful marketing strategy that will enhance your audience. With more visibility, you can also gain more from your art than just likes, views, and impressions.

You may try to build and market your image on social media, too. However, it will take considerably more time and money than by hiring an expert social media strategist. Getting the best one in the business is a guarantee that you can boost your career quickly and easily.

Work Your Way With Michele Zanello

In every field of business, working with the best around gives you the best results every time. In art, music, and social media marketing it is the same.

Michele Zanello is a digital marketing strategist and social media manager with more than five years of experience in the field. His digital career started in 2015, and his passion for branding strategy led him to develop some of the most famous characters and public figures in the music industry.

Since then, he has achieved an in-depth understanding of marketing techniques. Recently, he used all of his experience in the field to launch his digital agency called Midnight Milano. The company specializes in high-quality branding, communication, and strategy.

When working with Michele Zanello you have the guarantee of a professional social media strategist running your social media presence. His experience, creativity, and perseverance will boost your chances of success in the competitive world of arts and music.

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Mayank Singhvi appointed Managing Director of Goldstein, Roth & Co.

Prior to this, Mayank was Senior Director with Country Garden, the world’s largest real estate developer, which is ranked 353rd on the Fortune Global 500 list.

Mayank Singhvi has been appointed as Managing Director and Co-Head of investment banking by Goldstein, Roth & Company. Goldstein, Roth & Co. is the investment banking arm for E. Pabaney & Co. Goldstein Roth & Co focuses on Financing, M&As and PE fundraising, with transaction sizes of USD 75 Million and above. Mayank Singhvi will be in charge of transaction origination as well as execution. He will be based out of Goldstein, Roth & Co’s Noida office in India.

Singhvi says, “I am excited about bringing my investment banking and real estate experience to Goldstein, Roth & Co. and look forward to the challenge of getting us to the no. 1 spot in our industry.”

Sharik Currimbhoy, Chairman and Managing Director of Goldstein, Roth And Co. said “We welcome Mr Singhvi to shore up our investment banking practice. We expect that he will be able to add substantially in making Goldstein, Roth & Co. into the largest boutique investment bank in the country. We aim to get to #1 in the annual Investment Banking rankings in the next 12 months.”

Prior to this, Mayank was Senior Director with Country Garden, World’s largest real estate developer, which is ranked 353rd on the Fortune Global 500 list. With Country Garden, Mayank Singhvi spearheaded major projects in India including Sky Mansion in Delhi, The Icon in Mumbai, and The Ace in Chennai. In 2017, Mayank Singhvi was also awarded as Global Employee of the year.

As an investment banker, Mayank Singhvi has earlier worked with Ernst & Young, Private Equity at ICICI Ventures, and investment banking at Merrill Lynch. In an illustrious journey, Mayank Singhvi has been responsible for some marquee transactions such as Bharti Tele Ventures IPO. He was also instrumental in equity investment by Vornado in Uppal SEZ.

Mayank Singhvi also played an important role in TCG acquisition of the World Trade Centre. While at Evolvence India Fund, Mayank Singhvi inked a historic deal between real estate giants MGF and UAE-based Emaar. 

Mayank Singhvi holds a Master’s from the prestigious NYU’s Stern School of Business and an MBA with a specialisation in strategy & finance from University of London.

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Jaipur Fabric Skin-Friendly Bed Sheets for More Comfortable Rest

Jaipur Fabric Skin-Friendly Bed Sheets for More Comfortable Rest

Amid the pandemic, Jaipur Fabric came up with skin-friendly bedsheets that make staying in bed more comfortable.

Jaipur Fabric introduces skin-friendly fabric for bed sheets to enable their customers to rest adequately every day. The organization realized that people spent numerous hours in their beds and that it is essential for people to use skin-friendly bed sheets. These sheets are manufactured and specially treated before they are printed for people to sleep on them without any skin irritation.

The company decided to develop such skin-friendly bed sheets due to the current state of the world. With Coronavirus running rampant, people are staying inside their houses more and spending more time resting on their bed. This led the firm to come up with this material that would make staying in bed for long periods more comfortable.

The CEO of Jaipur Fabric, Mr Jayant Maheshwari stated, “At a time when the world is in chaos, Jaipur Fabric wanted to give people a product that will help them relax and be comfortable in their houses. With our skin-friendly bedsheets now it will be easier to relax and spend time during the lockdown and other times.”

To produce such sheets, Jaipur Fabric uses anti-bacterial fabric. This fabric is created by a long process where it is soaked in hot water for 48-96 hours and treated with specialized natural ingredients before any printing work is done on it. These sheets can be used by people who have sensitive skin and have issues lying down in the bed for a longer period, especially due to Covid-19 situation. 

Jaipur Fabric Skin-Friendly Bed Sheets for More Comfortable Rest - Digpu News

According to the company, anyone can avail this bed sheet and use it in their residential place for relaxed living. Moreover, what makes these bed sheets unique apart from their skin-friendly feature are ample designs that are available for people to select from. Also, different materials’ skin-friendly bed sheets are also offered to customers who have certain demands or requirements when it comes to materials, thread counts, etc.

The Head of Finance & Planning, Ms Chhavi Maheshwari remarked, “During this Covid-19 situation we wanted to offer something extra to our customers. This led to our skin-friend sheets and by the looks of it, our clients love it. With already some of the designs out of stock, we think that this skin-friendly bedsheet type will help our company grow significantly.”

How the market responds to this product, only time can tell. However, for now, the initial sale of this bedsheet type seems to be going really well and looks like the company will acquire numerous achievements with their new product.

Jaipur Fabric is a pioneer seller of different types of bedsheets, table linens, quilts, sofa covers, apron, cushion covers, curtains and more. The firm provides a long list of products that are highly rated by their existing customers and is delivered to their doorstep at the earliest possible convenience.

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Guru11 is reinventing the realtime gaming industry

The smartphone era has revolutionized gaming, taking it further from offline to online gaming. However, the most recent trend is the Realtime gaming.

Sports Gaming was trending lately but now since the realtime gaming has started on Android & iOS devices, sports have very much picked up quickly. With the onset of the IPL 2020, Fantasy sports enthusiasts are all set to be part of the sports festivities.

Fantasy sports are the online games based on sports played Realtime on the fields such as Cricket, Football, NBA, Basket Ball, Kabaddi among other games played between teams. These games are played in rooms that can be joined for free or a small amount of ticket.

Once joined, the user is allowed to join the rooms which are created by the Gaming Application and they can start to select players from two different teams with the credits given in to their account.

There is of course, a commission charged by such Fantasy sports games. Every other application charge around 12-24% commission that leaves users with very less chances of winning. However, Guru11 charges the lowest commission for themselves. The app environment allows users to get more chances to play and to create teams which increases their chances of winning games.

Among all the Fantasy Gaming applications in the industry, there is an application that started just a year ago. Guru11 has become one of the prominent names in the gaming industry owing to their low commission and user policies.  The application is available on both Android and iOS.

Guru11 is backed by entrepreneur Smit Sonani having a strong history of business in various fields based in Surat, Gujarat. Along with him, Young entrepreneurs from different industries came up with an idea of Technology Company which give relevant solutions in the Technology industry.

In the Fantasy Sports market, Guru11 aims to bring multiple sports onboard in the coming time. They have made their infrastructure strong and have many tie-ups with the sportsmen in the pipeline.

To download the Guru11 application for Android/iOS, visit their website.  

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