Apple Music launches TV channel for music videos

Apple Music launches TV channel for music videos

Apple Music TV, music video channel that can be accessed using Apple Music app or the Apple TV app.

The tech giant Apple has recently launched Apple Music TV channel, which can be considered to be the next MTV or YouTube.

Users can access it from Apple Music App or Apple TV App, it’s free and curated with music videos that streams 24/7.

Originally strictly a music service, Apple Music began expanding into video in 2016. Executive Jimmy Iovine has stated that the intention for the service is to become a “cultural platform”, and Apple reportedly wants the service to be a “one-stop shop for pop culture”.

The company is actively investing heavily in the production and purchasing of video content, both in terms of music videos and concert footage that support music releases, as well as web series and feature films.

Apple Music allows users to stream over 70 million songs to their device on demand. The service offers curated playlists by music experts and recommendations tailored to a users music preference.

The channel will also host original music content from concerts to interviews, if you happen to be a tech savvy person, don’t miss out on technology with Digpu News Network.

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Things to know before buying a washing machine

Things to know before buying a washing machine

Essential features to keep in mind while buying a new washing machine

Washing machines have become ubiquitous in every household these days. With clothes becoming a valuable asset, the washing technique also needs to be adjusted accordingly to ensure proper care and durability, and during these unprecedented times the relevance of a washing machine is perhaps more than ever since usage across households have gone up.

Panasonic Washing Machine: The perfect fit for the new normal

When we all are doing our best to deal with the ongoing situation by maintaining personal hygiene, staying sanitised, being indoors, and practicing social distancing norms, Panasonic’s washing machine has taken the hygiene aspect a notch up by providing consumers state-of-the-art technology so we can keep our clothes safe and clean at all times.

A perfect fit for the new normal, Panasonic’s Washing Machines come with a built-in heater and StainMaster+ technology that ensure your clothes get a clean and safe wash with up to 99.99%* bacteria elimination. The heater facilitates hot wash at 60°C that eliminates bacteria attached to the fabric. The combination of a scrub-wash effect, from the dynamic water flow along with ideal water temperature and soak time make it easier to break down and remove stubborn stains. The ActiveFoam System feature creates fine, high-density foam which lifts stains, separates and knocks out dirt from deep within the fibers. Now wash delicate items at home with gentle handwash and with its White Course feature, keep the visible stains on whites at bay!

What to consider while buying a washing machine?

Hygiene, efficiency, and durability will now be the most critical aspects to be taken into consideration while making a purchase. With over 100 years of thoughtful engineering, Panasonic ensures premium quality products and stays uncompromised on the latest innovations. Panasonic manufactures an array of washing machines that are sold across the globe and is known for its durability and trustworthiness. The new range offers consumers these must-have features

  • Hygiene – The built-in heater coupled with StainMaster+ technology eliminates 99.99%* of bacteria, making clothes clean and sanitised. It is ideal for washing baby clothes and bed linen. No more troublesome handwashing, use the 5-course tough stain removal like oil, curry, sweat, sauces, collar/cuff dirt at the push of a button!
  • Efficiency – Panasonic incorporates features that optimise water and energy consumption. Its unique ECONAVI technology helps in water savings of up to 20%* & electricity consumption savings of up to 20%* by detecting wash load and water temperature.

Panasonic- Japan’s No.1 * appliances brand is known for its excellent craftsmanship. The sleek and contemporary design of its washing machine range is a testimony to this fact. Fully enabled with technology-rich features that are in tandem not only with modern needs but these unprecedented times, the Panasonic Washing Machine is a welcome addition to your homes since this aids in the health and hygiene of your family.

Enjoy your laundry experience like never before with Panasonic Washing Machine, available online and also at all the leading retail stores near you. Stay safe, Stay sanitised!

About Panasonic

Panasonic is a diversified technology company that provides solutions to create a better life for consumers in living spaces and a better world for enterprises and communities. It is a worldwide leader in the development of home appliances, industrial devices, automotive, lifestyle, and connected solutions. Panasonic commenced its operations in India in the year 1972 and the regional headquarter is located at Gurgaon, Haryana. Panasonic Corp. celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2018, operates 528 subsidiaries, and 72 associated companies worldwide, and reported consolidated net sales of 7.49 trillion yen for the year ended March 31, 2020. Committed to pursuing new value through collaborative innovation, the company uses its technologies to create a better life and a better world for customers.

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GrowFix Introduces Low-Risk Products by Democratizing New Generation Assets

GrowFix Introduces Low-Risk Products by Democratizing New Generation Assets

GrowFix is building fixed-interest, high-yield debt assets that were previously only available to institutional investors and the ultra-rich. 

Indian investors are always on the lookout for products that offer better returns at a lower risk. In a pandemic-like environment, the market scenario is even more unstable. Mutual Fund returns are not delivering as they used to while Fixed Deposit rates are barely covering inflation.  

Leveraging innovation and technology, digital investment platform GrowFix has now made Securitized Debt Instruments (SDIs) accessible to a larger retail investor base. 

The platform enables retail investors to invest in SDIs, for a minimum ticket size of INR 10,000, at 9% returns. You can withdraw your money anytime without incurring any cost. The risk is lower in this product because the underlying asset has more than 1.5x gold collateral. 

Growing The Investor Base

Ajinkya Kulkarni, Co-founder of GrowFix, says, “This is a disruptive product and one that is backed by a safe, secure business model. It is accessible to a wider base of retail investors, and will especially appeal to newer generations, as well as traditional investors with an appetite for low risk, high-value returns. “

Ajinkya along with his former batchmate Abhik Patel, from IIT Gandhinagar, co-founded GrowFix with the aim of democratizing the gold-backed loan asset, inspired by their own experiences with personal finance. The duo has earlier co-founded their startup CreditPeriod, together. Post a successful exit in 2017; they began looking at various ways to invest their own money.

Patel and Kulkarni went on to study a lot of investment products and discussed the options at length with friends. “One of the investments they absolutely loved was that Ajinkya was giving some money to his dad’s business. In return, he would get a fixed 10% interest rate with no lock-in period. Our friends’ eyes would light up, hearing this, ” shares Patel. 

These conversations led the duo to embark on a quest, to understand investor obsession with Fixed Income Products. They were simultaneously also looking out for a fresh business idea. 

“We realised that the Indian investment philosophy is “Greed in Moderation”. The average investor seeks fixed income investments meaning with no volatility and higher returns than FDs. They are also risk-averse,” shares Patel. 

GrowFix Introduces Low-Risk Products by Democratizing New Generation Assets - Digpu News

What followed was an intensive journey of studying RBIs & SEBIs circulars, laws and regulations of the past 30 years. Based on their research, the duo dabbled in several ideas, of which over 10-15 were discarded. 

The result was the launch of their first-ever product GrowFix Gold, which met all the criteria of their target investor. Users can log onto for details, and get started on building their investment portfolio. 

Building Unique Debt-Based Assets

The GrowFix Gold model leverages gold-backed loans. GrowFix purchases thousands of the safest gold-backed loans from the entire pool, from NBFCs, where gold is offered as collateral to the borrowers. 

In the case of non-repayment of loans by borrowers, the gold used as collateral is liquidated. Investors then get principal plus interest. Hence, the risk is low. Growfix makes money by earning 2% from the NBFC and passing 9% onto its retail investors. 

The duo is now joined by IIT-Bombay alumni Shashank Chimaladari as their tech co-founder. GrowFix will continue to build fixed-interest, high-yield debt assets that were previously only available to institutional investors and the ultra-rich. 

For more information, visit

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You can do more with Samsung smart TV as it features Google Assistant microphone

You can do more with Samsung smart TV as it features Google Assistant microphone

Google Assistant is currently accessible on latest Samsung smart TVs in the US

AI helper will be available on Samsung 2020 smart TV models, including the 2020 8K and 4K QLED models, the 2020 Crystal UHD TVs, 2020 Frame and Serif sets, and 2020 Sero and Terrace models.

The update will be available in the US first and roll out to more countries soon, according to Google. By pressing down on the TV’s remote control mic one can activate Assistant, and users will be able to switch channels, open apps, and adjust the TV’s volume with voice commands.

the TVs already had voice command settings available that could be controlled with the mic on the remote, but the user will have to tell it if he/she wants to use Google Assistant rather than Samsung’s default Bixby assistant.

Another feature is that the users can also control other smart home devices after they have connected to Google Assistant. Post installing an OTA update, users can enable Assistant on their Samsung TV by going to Settings. General, Voice, Voice assistant.

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Gyan Dairy is disrupting the dairy industry with its new-age technology and consumer-centric approach

The most favoured fresh milk and dairy product brand of UP, Gyan Dairy is eyeing aggressive expansion and growth

With a mission to deliver purest and freshest dairy products to its consumers, Gyan Dairy, the Lucknow based dairy brand is bullish over expanding its markets and growing year on year.

Steering Gyan Dairy, a name to reckon with in the dairy industry, to greater heights of glory, the promoter brothers Jai and Anuj Aggarwal have contributed immensely to turn this brand into a multi-product multi-location dairy company. Today, Gyan Dairy is the most favoured dairy brand in the state of UP and is synonymous with purity and consistent quality of dairy products. With the tagline “Vishwaas Se Bhara”, the brand stands true to its theme song ‘Shuddh aur taaza, Gyan ka waada’.

Gyan dairy was launched back in 2007, by partnering with small farmers and today, it has grown into a 908 Cr dairy company, supplying products to more than 1.5 lakh plus households through a well-connected network of 300+ distributors and 40,000+ Retailers. The brand also has its exclusive retail outlets called Gyan Fresh stores, spread across locations in UP to enhance customer experience by providing fresh and pure dairy products. One of the reasons for these fast-growing numbers is the huge brand equity that the company enjoys in the market and second is its state-of-the-art processing plant with advanced technology, which maintains the maximum nutritional value and supplies safe & hygienic dairy products.

Providing the freshest milk and quality dairy products

“Our mission at Gyan Dairy is to provide the freshest milk and quality dairy products. Our company believes in continuous innovation and introducing new product offerings to provide the best to our customers. The COVID 19 pandemic has brought a lot of focus on health and hygiene and more and more people are making the conscious choice of eating healthy and opting for safe & hygienic products. Our company take pride in ensuring delivery of the freshest products to our consumers in the most hygienic way. India has a long tradition when it comes to dairy and we strive to give our customers the trust of consuming the best and the purest products.” says Jai Agarwal, Managing Director, Gyan Dairy envisioning to make Gyan, a billion-dollar company soon.

Gyan Fresh App

As the disruptor and forerunner in the industry, Gyan has recently launched Gyan Fresh app, which is the company’s latest venture is going digital and providing direct customer interface platform. The recent period of nationwide lockdown has paved the way for the increasing use of digital platform. The app has proofed to be a great benefit to consumers during the lockdown when deliveries were challenged by stringent guidelines of social distancing, contactless deliveries and sanitised environment. Anuj Agarwal, Managing Director, Gyan Dairy, while sharing his vision to reach 1 lac deliveries per day this fiscal, says “It was the time when people were apprehensive and looking for safe options and Gyan was their immediate choice by reaching out and helping them manage milk subscription and delivery services in a contactless, cashless, and most hygienic way.

Through this technology adoption of introducing Gyan Fresh App, the company has observed a jump in sales, by having 24000 active consumers & average 9000 + daily deliveries. This model ensures flawless delivery of milk & milk products by 8 am daily, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and for first-time customers, free milk delivery for 10 days. The app also offers additional benefits like attractive customer offers, Value deals, weekend offers, Pay week offers and combo offers. All these properties have enabled a whopping 42% growth of AOV (Average Order Value) per delivery in the last six months.

Gyan Choupal

The brand collects fresh milk from over 3000+ villages, providing livelihoods to almost 1 lac farmers residing in the heartland of UP, ensuring their growth and progress through direct employment. The brand prides itself for being an ethical organization that aims to benefit everyone involved in the process. Gyan enables and equips farmers to understand the importance of quality milk production, hygiene & safety of animals so that they procure better quality raw milk to deliver the best products. ’Gyan Choupal’ is one such platform where information is disseminated to the milk producers and knowledge is imparted about these issues apart from sharing clean milk collection policies and programs of the company. To ensure animal nutrition and health, Gyan Dairy supplies premium quality cattle feed manufactured through its subsidiary cattle feed plant under the “Gyan Dhara” brand. 

Range of Dairy Products

Over the years, Gyan has also forayed into a full line of dairy products, fermented, several other value-added products like Butter, Ghee, Chaach, Lassi, Paneer and Khoya and special Gyan Andaaz Range offering Mishti Doi, Kheer, Peda and Kaju Kathli. This range was introduced considering the changing purchase dynamics and the growing need of the quality branded packaged products and are provided to various parts of UP through a network of Gyan Fresh Stores, Gyan Select Stores, Gyan e-carts, and other retail stores via an extensive distributor channel.

Spearheading all the marketing strategies of the company, Mr. Venkataramani Santhanam, VP, Sales & Marketing, Gyan Dairy concludes, “Hard times will not last long and we will be able to come out of it soon, but the customers will always remember the way we cared for them during these trying times. It is evident from the numerous feedback and appreciation we receive from the elderly to the kids for our timely delivery of not only milk but mouth-watering dairy products at their doorstep” he concludes.

Under the astute leadership of Jai and Anuj Aggarwal, the brand has witnessed substantial growth since its inception and has made a name for itself for fresh and pure dairy products. The seamless supply of fresh milk, product innovations and consumer-centric services have all added up to the growing success of the brand. The products range boasts several USPs which all together give it a distinct competitive edge over its counterparts. Ethically sourced from the farmers, Gyan Dairy products reaches from farm to table using advanced technology and it remains untouched by human hands even when it passes through multilevel quality checks. Such purity and freshness make the product range most favoured and a household name in UP.

For more information, please visit

GYAN FRESH app. Download it for Android: /iOS: 

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Abheek Dutta endeavouring to transform difficulties into opportunities

Abheek is taking care of all the service delivery of the Henson Group offices across the globe with his offices in the One Trade Center, U.S, Jammu, Mumbai and Chandigarh.

As the world adapts to the new normal of working from home, and digital becomes the new ‘catchword’ to keep businesses and the economy as a whole running, the importance of having a robust and agile ‘virtual’ network is being felt now more than ever.  

In fact, the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic has pushed organizations all over the world to speed up their digital transformations and stay connected with both the workforce and end consumers.

Keeping the same in mind, a young and dynamic leader from J&K, Abheek Dutta, Senior Vice President at the Henson Group and Co-Founder of Henson Group (India) has been spearheading his and others’ companies’ growth through innovative digital solutions – which are showing excellent results. The company has been instrumental at supporting organizations even in small towns of India, embrace changes – striving to turn challenges into opportunities.

Widely admired for his dynamic approach to organizational vision, Abheek says that the pandemic has helped him learn a lot new perspectives about running businesses in the most cost-effective manner. He says, “There’s no doubt that the Covid-19 crisis has created a lot of chaos amongst businesses – creating a havoc in economic growth. However, I am glad through our innovative solutions and convincing companies to rely on cloud services and let go of the need to have physical data in their premises – has in fact, helped many companies by reducing the expenditure overall.”

A true captain who has been a scholar par excellence in all the areas of his work, Abheek, has taken major steps in this year to contribute to a more sustainable economy by providing excellent Cloud data management systems. In fact, Abheek has not just earned profits for his company but has helped hundreds of companies adopt a much more prolific business-model. Apart from being a visionary leader, Abheek strongly believes in continuous learning. He has attained executive education from Harvard, IIM – Ahmedabad, IIM- C, ISB (where he holds Alumni status).

Abheek’s delivery team has delivered more than 1000 plus Azure Migrations, M 365 Implementations, SharePoint Online, Dynamics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning projects. Abheek is highly thankful to Greg Henson, CEO of Henson Group who has always supported him in growing his team in India.

“While the pandemic has brought challenging times with it, the need of the hour is to ensure that there’s no shortage of cloud-based working environments throughout the country. From network snags to communication errors, the challenges of building a productive, remote workforce are many especially, in tier-II cities of India – it’s here when companies like us benefit the concerned organizations with world-class technology and seamless workflow,” he says.

“In fact, I see a lot of digital transformation happening in small cities of globe across all sectors whether education, health & wellness, retail, IT, real estate and so on,” adds Abheek whose company has been giving seamless network performance and data center infrastructure to businesses. all over the world.

He also says that in future there will be a lot of focus in running Business operations from places like Tricity (Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula) , other Tier B cities in India .

About Henson Group

Henson Group is headquartered at New York (USA) and providing a range of cloud services. The Group is also a ‘partner of choice for Microsoft and its partners’, as it stands as an award-winning Azure Expert MSP Gold Certified Partner for licensing, consulting and managing services to corporations big and small.

Abheek is taking care of all the service delivery of the Henson Group offices across the globe with his offices in the One Trade Center, U.S, Jammu (his hometown), Mumbai and Chandigarh.

Starting from mere 25 employees, Abheek has come a long way and now leads an efficient team of around 500 employees and associates

Always a bright Software Engineering student, he had wanted to do something on his own even when he was employed with the ‘creme da la creme’ of the software world eg. TCS, IBM, iGATE etc. 

Paying a tribute to his hometown – Jammu, Abheek says, “It gives me a lot of satisfaction that my entrepreneurial journey started from J&K – the place of my origin, which is generally in the news for all the bad reasons. It feels great that I am able to contribute something in the economic development here,” adds Abheek with a sense of pride.

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