Business Opportunity In The Indian Incense Industry

Partner With One Of India’s Biggest  Manufacturer And Exporter Of Incense And Fragrance Products

Divine Aroma is a part of the Shashi Group, started back in 1960. DENIM, MAJA, SENSE are its flagship brands. It is a leading manufacturer and exporter of premium-quality incense, fragrance and allied FMCG products catering to PAN India and more than 22 countries across the globe.

Apply For Divine Aroma Franchise

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An unparalleled business opportunity with an initial investment of 6 lakhs and a profit margin of 22-25%.

India is the world’s main incense producing country and is the exporter to nearly 90 countries. It is a golden industry which will always prosper in India as well as foreign markets. The market observes the high presence of unorganised players as there are next to no entry barriers. Growing at a rate of 15%, it is expected to grow exponentially reaching Rs 12,000 crore by 2023 while the domestic market at present is pegged at Rs 7,000 Crore. Divine Aroma is inviting Franchise Business Partners for the same. 


Unconventional Product Range

Divine Aroma manufactures over 450 products such as Incense sticks, Dhoop, Perfume oils, Pooja Kits, Devotional Items, Soaps, Vastu Items, Fengshui Items, Deodorants, Herbal Cosmetics and Oils.

Best Fragrances

The fragrances are extracted from natural essential oils, resinoids, herbal oils, fine aromatics RC oils and come in variety like Oriental, Floral, fruity, exotic, Aromatherapy, Luxury fragrances etc…

Organised R&D

Divine Aroma’s speedy progress is fuelled by their qualified Team and Designers and also the hi-tech labs wherein constant improvements and innovations are being done.

Premium-quality Products

The brand focuses on value development by the production of high-quality products for the end-customers.

Unique Packaging

All products manufactured by Divine Aroma come in unique and export-quality packaging.

Futuristic Manufacturing

Divine Aroma is one of India’s leading Incense manufacturer having the capacity of 8 Lakh packets per day.

 How does it work?

  • The franchise partner needs to understand the business and the opportunity in detail.
  • He/she needs to make the investment and complete the paperwork.
  • The franchise store will be set up with the help of the company.
  • The franchise partner needs to procure Divine Aroma products Stock.
  • Training will be provided to the store staff by the Sales Team of the company.
  • Divine Aroma will create brand awareness in the territory via offline & online marketing.
  • Demand generation will be done and customer visits to the Store.
  • Sale of Divine Aroma product will be made.

Our Flagship Brands

India is the world’s main incense producing country and is the exporter to nearly 90 countries. The Indian Incense industry has touched a revenue of Rs 965 Crore in 2018 in exports.

Requirements Of An Ideal Divine Aroma Franchise

  1. Industry Experience – The Franchise partner does not require any previous experience in the industry. Entrepreneurial skills and commitment would be the major requirement.
  2. Real Estate – Divine Aroma requires a minimum franchise store size of 70-100 square feet at a reasonable footfall location.
  3. Investment –  The franchise partner needs to make an initial investment of 3.5 lakh which is the set-up cost for the designer store.
  4. Franchise Fee – The Divine Aroma franchise shall incur a non-refundable franchise fee of 2.5 lakh for sales support, admin, trademarks used etc.
  5. Marketing Activities And Sales Support – The franchise partner shall receive the required marketing and sales support from the company.
  6. Store Setup Support – Divine Aroma shall provide support for designer store set up, fully equipped with POS system, CCTV etc.

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