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We believe in transparent news distribution. Every news sent via us to our associate news channels across the country is well planned prior to distribution – in terms of selected region, languages, ethnicity, target audiences and the resultant impact.

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Digital Punch is an authorized news agency for Digpu News Network,  having exclusive direct associations with news channels. Our news network is a combination of English, Hindi and regional language channels of India.


  • Guaranteed News Publication:  We are the only agency in the Globe offering Guaranteed News Publication On Your Preferred News Channels. 
  •  Search Visibility: Published PR News will be picked up by Google & Other Search Engines Instantly. 99% of our published news will be showcased as a “Top Story” on the search engines.
  • Customized PR News Solution: Now, you can select any of the news channels as per your preference and get your brand/company news published.
  • PR Content Writing Services: Digital Punch have its own team of professional content writers.
  • Free Feature Image: We offer free feature image with every Press Release distributed via us.
  • Multilingual News Network: Widest multilingual news network in India with English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Assamese, Kannada, Gujarati and Punjabi.

How Online PR helps businesses to grow

We have analysed that online press release and other media presence booms the transparency and credibility of your brand. It helps in the creation of several outbound links and guiding your customers from the evaluation phase to closer. A targeted Press Release (PR )can establish a company as an industry expert.

Almost everyone today goes through online news portals instead of conventional media resources. Among others, financiers and investors also keep up with reputed news agencies for new business opportunities. Our Online Press Release brings your product/service directly in front of potential buyers. Over the years, Digital Punch has witnessed a boost in sales closers of companies with B2B/Distribution/Franchise Leads after efficient PR distribution.

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