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Lead Generation Process 

We follow various steps to generate potential leads for our clients

Grab Information

At the initial level, we grab full information on product/service from our client. 

Business Analysis

We develop a business analysis report and share with our client (Not applicable for all the packages) 

Online Research

On the basis of business analysis report, we conduct an online research to identify perfect Target Audience. 

Compaign Development

Then we develop a Campaign document (Content & Images) and share with our client. Campaign consisting company logo, website link, brand/product/service information. 

Run Live Campaigns

We run Live campaigns on Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and other online tools. We reach to the identified target audience over the web. 

Lead Collection

We redirect all the interested parties to a landing page, wherein they need to submit their details like name, number, email etc. We deliver these leads to our client in excel/csv format. 

Save Money & Time 

It’s easy to waste hours on social media sites. Make sure the time you spent online; gives you a return on investment and generates leads. We generate B2B/B2C prospective business leads on daily basis or as per your convenience.


Common questions we receive from our new clients. 

Will you deliver leads in same day?

No, lead generation is a time-consuming process and our motive is to give you most potential leads. Hence, we start delivering you leads between 5-15  daily. Sometimes we deliver as per the convenience of our clients. 

Will you help in closures?

Being a lead generation company we don’t involve ourselves directly, but we help our clients to achieve maximum closures. We guide our clients up to certain levels like Lead approach, mail subject & content etc.    

What if provided leads are not appropriate?

We take regular feedback from our clients to understand the quality of leads. If given leads are not appropriate we give you a Free Replacement of leads with other valid leads. 

What is your Refund policy?

We offer a 30 days money back guarantee on all packages except TRAIL. If you are not satisfied with leads provided by us. You can claim a refund 

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your buy within 24 hours. Once we start our process of lead generation one cannot cancel. 

What if there is No OR Low conversion?

Conversion of any lead is a buyer’s responsibility. Being an online lead generation company, we can provide VALID leads. Closure of any lead entirely depends on your sales team. 

Which all industries you cater?

We are generating leads for almost every industry and sector. Whether you are into software, hardware, education, medical or finance – We have generated leads for all!

Still have questions?

We love to help you 

Trial Package

Digital Punch TRIAL Pack has arrived for ‘online lead generation; you get all the features. Our Trial pack comes with all the features of online research, preparing analysis report, content & image development. 


JAB is making a difference in the market. A  Lead Generation Package fulfils your Franchise requirement by generating 80 potential leads from the market.


ECON is an online Lead Generation package developed for Dealer & Distribution Leads. Targetting people from existing business background, ECON deliver 100 prospective leads.


EMINENCE is an online lead generation package for B2B & B2C companies. We employ several unique strategies to handle the challenges of generating high-quality leads in a cost-efficient manner.