CA Test Series Launches IRevision – An AI-Based Algorithm For Revising Entire Syllabus

CA Test Series Launches IRevision – An AI-Based Algorithm For Revising Entire Syllabus

Delhi, India, August 13, 2019 —

CA Test Series, incepted in 2015 with digital test series for subjective papers, has launched an AI-powered revision algorithm – IRevision. IRevision has revolutionized Edutech with its hybrid approach to combining advanced technology with human efforts. CA Test Series has helped more than 80,000 CA students over the years.

In recent times, various sportspersons and international players like athletes have improved their game by working on technology for practice and performance optimization. It is due to the Machine Learning based software that interprets even the minutest details of the whole process.

CA Test Series has introduced the same concept in Education. For the first time in CA preparation, aspirants can make use of various AI and Machine Learning based algorithms for revision. These algorithms in IRevision will record the student’s performance based on individual chapters and subjects for which he/she takes for revision test.

IRevision identifies the subject/chapter wise performance of the student in relation to the highest- scorer of respective subject/chapter in the current year and the past years. It also provides feedback to the student which comprises the following:

  1. The chapters which need more emphasis than others
  2. The difficulty level of each chapter revision text in relation to the past years’ final exams of C.A.
  3. The average score of the student for the specific chapter and the weightage of that chapter in the final exam
  4. The revision time required to improve the performance at par to the highest-scorer in the CA test series
  5. A comparative analysis of the previous and latest revision tests – showing the level of improvements, if any, since last revision.
  6. The relative performance of the student in relation to the highest-scorer
  7. The relative performance of the student in relation to the previous year’s highest-scorer:
  • The subjects that the highest scorers have emphasized on
  • The memory system tells the student when to revise a particular topic again.

All these factors are automatically calculated by Machine Learning Software. These help the student to prepare a precise and clear strategy for preparation of the exam.

“This AI algorithm took several months to be designed and developed. The system is based on a unique concept which suggests the student when to revise, which topic to revise, how much practice is required, and when to revise the same again based on your memory. It is just like an expert trainer providing dedicated guidance to a student for 12 hours according to their learning pace and memory retention”, said Mr Mayur Singla, Spokesperson, CA Test Series on being asked about IRevision.

IRevision ( consists of a vast set of Machine Learning algorithms working in tandem to process the data. The experienced programmers have been working tirelessly for improving the system. It is aided by the knowledge collected from various universities, study patterns and the process undertaken by these universities for preparation for the exam. We have worked hard on identifying scientific ways for enhancing memory power.

As per Mr Singla, “The mantra to success is to understand your ability and use them strategically, For an exam which is already dreaded everywhere, IRevision helps the aspirants to understand their learning pace and problem areas respectively. It guides them on the specific chapter and subject to be revised until clarity is achieved on the subject matter.”

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Aankhen producer Gaurang Doshi To Pair Up With Director Neeraj Pathak For His Upcoming Projects

Aankhen producer Gaurang Doshi To Pair Up With Director Neeraj Pathak For His Upcoming Projects

Gaurang Doshi, the man behind the classic super hit film Aankhen, Deewaar: Let’s Bring Our Heroes Home and Bawandar, is back onto the silver screen pairing up with writer turned director Neeraj Pathak for the first time with a whole new set of projects in the pipeline.

Ever since his 2002 release ‘Aankhen’ starring megastar Amitabh Bachchan, Sushmita Sen and Akshay Kumar; Gaurang Doshi has made a mark in the Bollywood industry as one of the most iconic producers and filmmakers of Indian cinema.  Getting into the industry as a small-time producer and managing to convince Big B for his movie ‘Aankhen’ with nothing but a single script reading and a post-dated cheque in the star’s name, Gaurang  Doshi has carved his way to his dreams and success in the industry with his passion and determination. The movie garnered both national and international success becoming the first movie to have ever been bid on by Hollywood for movie rights.

Returning to the industry following a long hiatus, Gaurang Doshi announces his smashing come back with not just a revamped look and logo for his production house ‘Gaurang Doshi Productions’ but also a new partnership with renowned writer turned director Neeraj Pathak for his ‘Happy Anniversary’.  Gaurang Doshi news has it that the duo has teamed up for Gaurang’s upcoming release which still remains under the wraps for the media.

Neeraj Pathak has earlier worked on movies like Right Ya Wrong, Apne, Bhaiaji Superhit and has driven great respect in the industry for his meticulous direction and sincerity. According to sources regarding Gaurang Doshi’s news, the partnership will have Neeraj Pathak working on the direction and screenplay while Gaurang Doshi will make his comeback in story and script. Both Neeraj and Gaurang seem to be really excited about this new collaboration and have been known to be really admiring of each other’s work.

Previously, Gaurang Doshi also announced a new look and revival of his production house ‘Gaurang Doshi Productions’ with a new logo and philosophy marking the beginning of a fresh start. His production house has been the banner for several of his back to back hits like Deewaar: Let’s Bring Our Heroes Home and Bawandar. His excellence in movie production and his knack for sighting the right opportunity in the right place; Gaurang Doshi also became the first-ever producer to bag four Limca world records for his movies.

The new collaboration has left the entire industry in awe and anticipation as the dynamic duo are sure to create some great action onto the big screen with their work. While Neeraj Pathak’s sincerity and talent are sure to lead the ship, Gaurang Doshi’s passion and determination will give it the perfect anchor for some of the most promising cinemas of the upcoming year.

The partnership has sure pumped great excitement in the glamour world and the audience making us all hold our breaths for what the duo will bring on the table for us to line up in the days to come.

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Arc Digitech To Offer Free SEO Consultation And Website Audit For Businesses

Arc Digitech To Offer Free SEO Consultation And Website Audit For Businesses

Arc Digitech is now offering free website SEO audits which help business owners understand the shortcomings that hinder their ranking on the SERP. Coming across roadblocks and then offering customized solutions is what makes this company one of the best in this industry.

Pune, India, July 19, 2019 —

Arc Digitech is turning heads with its free SEO consultancy to businesses from all industries and market segment. This organization is well aware of the importance of search engine optimization in modern times. Hence, a free consultation is an enticing and lucrative offer from them for any business. 

Over the years of its presence in the digital marketing industry, this SEO Company in Pune has successfully catered to the needs of its clients. Arc Digitech is known for its quality SEO services and an array of other services in this field. The company has successfully completed numerous national and international projects which have increased their client’s ROIs.

By visiting their website, an individual can get an SEO audit that shows various factors where a website is lagging behind. In this competitive market, it is imperative to be more focused on SEO. Without proper ranking in SERP, an organization runs the risk of losing leads and thus, losing potential customers.

On being asked about the Free Website Audit Consultation, Samrat Biswajit, Founder, Arc Digitech said, My team and I understand that every business entity requires an adequate online presence to survive in today’s market. Hence, we offer services which will enhance it and help them to rank in SERP easily. Arc Digitech also offers solutions to any search engine optimization related problem which comes into light after auditing a site.

To get exceptional online visibility, Arc Digitech offer services associated with social media marketing. The company’s experts handle marketing through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. for engaging more potential customers. They also offer content writing services along with Pay per click ad management for acquiring maximum customers.

The free Website Audit consultation is aimed at leading business to rank at the top of SERP, which will offer ideal visibility and a colossal amount of traffic daily. Hence, whether it is a small, medium or a large-scale business, one requires hiring an SEO expert to enhance visibility on SERP after going through the free consultation.

For more information, get in touch via email to

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Gaurang Doshi Is Now A Free Man

Gaurang Doshi Is Now A Free Man

Bombay HC Drops Charges Against him in ‘Willful Breach of Court Order’ Case

Mumbai, India, July 18, 2019 —

Gaurang Doshi, the man behind the masterpiece Aankhen, which took Bollywood by storm, followed by other blockbusters Deewaar: Let’s Bring Our Heroes Home, and Bawander has finally broken the shackles of controversy framed against his name.

With a profound victory for his appeal in an earlier case that he was framed for, and would have faced 6-month simple imprisonment following the contempt of court for ‘willful breach of a court order’ as he could not be present in court, he is now all set to make a grand return. It was on July 10, 2019, when a landmark judgement was made by the Apex Court committee led by Honorable Chief Justice Pradeep Nandrajog and Justice N. M Jamdar, deciding to drop the charges of contempt of court against him.

“A well-deserved triumph in the face of my haters”, said Gaurang Doshi following the outcome. While Gaurang Doshi never went to prison and does not have to go to prison whatsoever, it seems to have put many unnecessary rumours against his name to rest.

Having endured a daunting phase in his career, courtesy some wrong allegations against his name, Gaurang Doshi is finally a man free from the web of false controversies, looking forward to initiating his new dream projects. The project names are yet to be announced.

The news came in the wake of the recent order of the Bombay High Court, wherein he has been asked to furnish a deposit Rs. 1.25 crores, which allows him to pursue his envisioned new ventures and steer clear of allegations. Having shrugged off his past behind him, Gaurang Doshi is already rearing to go and prove his mettle purely with his work. Like a man of steel, he is set to return standing triumphant fighting his lone battles against the peddlers of false controversy.

“The last few years have been tough, but it has just proven that my passion for films and the creative process involved in bringing projects and talent to life is as strong as it has ever been. With nothing but the truth by my side, I’ve put the past behind me, and I look forward to a very promising future. I thank all my fans, my supporters and business partners who never lost faith in me and continued to motivate me to overcome the challenges pelted at me. I am a fighter, who will never give up. I will rise above all the hurdles relentlessly should my ill-wishers decide to falsely accuse me again. I will never give up. I look forward to a new beginning where I already see some best times dawning in the Indian Film Fraternity with the kind of stories and concepts that have been appreciated by not only the Indian but global audiences. There has never been a better time to be a part of the Indian Movie Industry with opportunities sprouting beyond the big screens right into the digital space. Having said that, I’m already thankful for the opportunities that lie ahead of me.”

Gaurang Doshi is all set to sweep his audience off their feet promising something bigger and better by the end of July with some grand announcements.

About Gaurang Doshi 

Gaurang Doshi is an ace producer in Bollywood and the founder of Gaurang Doshi Productions. He has made movies such as ‘Aankhen’, ‘Deewaar – Let’s Bring Our Heroes Home’ and ‘Sandstorm’ and is currently looking at producing new projects.

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5 Tips to Increase your Credit Card Limit

5 Tips to Increase your Credit Card Limit

Your credit card’s credit limit indicates the amount that the issuer allows you to use. This is important because with a high credit limit you can make big-ticket purchases, improve your credit score, avail of a loan in an emergency and capitalise on offers, discounts, and reward points. If you are someone who is prudent with their finances, an enhanced credit limit gives you a greater degree of flexibility and security.

From improving your chances of faring well with the issuer’s automated credit limit algorithm to making a request yourself, here are 5 tips to successfully obtain a credit card limit increase.

Work on improving your credit score

Credit scores generally range from 300 to 900 and speak of your repayment capabilities according to how you have managed credit in the past. Thus, financiers check your credit score before approving a higher credit limit. While a score of around 700–750 suffices to get a credit card on favourable terms, you may need to improve upon your credit score if you desire a higher limit. Some things you can do to improve your credit score include clearing an outstanding debt and paying bills and EMIs on time.

Maintain a low credit utilisation ratio

Credit utilisation ratio is a representation of the amount of credit you use, as part of your credit limit. As counterintuitive as it may seem, in order to gain a higher credit card limit, you need to keep your total credit utilisation ratio on the lower side. This tells issuers that you are not credit hungry, have enough income, and aren’t heavily dependent on credit on a day-to-day basis.

Use the card regularly and make timely repayments

As a regular user, you become more of a valuable customer to the issuer and hence your request for an increased limit will carry more weight. In terms of repayment, you gain your financier’s confidence when you clear your dues in full in a timely manner. Since your issuer is assured of repayment, you have a better chance of obtaining an enhanced credit limit. Additionally, regular repayments also increase your credit score, which boosts your chances of securing a higher credit limit.

Make a request for a credit limit enhancement

In case you are not automatically picked for a credit limit increase by your financier’s back-end algorithm, you can personally request your manager for an increase. Look for facts and figures that support your request. Speak of the number of times you have made full repayments and how you have kept your credit utilisation ratio low.

Build a case by showing income sources

Whether you are approaching your manager personally, or are looking for an automatic credit limit enhancement, proof of additional income will act in your favour. This is all the more true in case you have a savings account with the issuing authority. Whether it is payment from a freelance project, an investment that is yielding high returns, or a part-time job you have taken up, multiple sources of income show that you can make larger repayments comfortably.

Another option that you have when you want a credit limit enhancement is to apply for a credit card that offers you a higher limit. When looking for an option that has simple eligibility criteria and extends to you a generous credit limit, consider the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard. This card comes in 8 different variants like Platinum Choice First-Year-Free SuperCard, World Prime SuperCard and Doctor’s SuperCard. This way you can pick a credit card as per your requirements.

Every SuperCard also offers you convenient features like 50-day, interest-free cash withdrawals from ATMs and 90-day, interest-free loans. Additionally, the SuperCard can also be used as an EMI Card as you can covert purchases of over Rs.3,000 to monthly instalments instantly. You can apply for the SuperCard and avail a sizeable credit limit quickly. Simply apply for your credit card online by checking your pre-approved offer.

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